Retail Auditing


Retail Auditing

Retail Auditing is an extremely valuable tool for managing your accounts. It involves gathering various pieces of information, measuring and evaluating that information to analyse and understand brand performance in terms of sales volumes and trends, monitoring stock levels, measuring the effectiveness of the position and placement of products within a retail environment, gauging customer service levels and other related aspects.

PRL In-Market Solutions have a highly trained and experienced auditing team that deliver transparent results, enabling the client to measure and evaluate brand performance over a period of time. This will equip the client with powerful knowledge regarding the importance of pricing, planogram and other POS methods.  PRL In-Market Solutions offer a bespoke retail auditing service to our clients that is tailored to their specific business needs and objectives.

 The retail audit will monitor and report on shelf space, stock levels and promotions for your brands, thus ensuring your agreements on merchandising and promotional activities are in situ and achieving results in-store. The report will also illustrate key findings and make recommendations to overcome any problem areas helping to ultimately boost in-store brand performance.

Retail Auditing Services Provided:

– Space compliance


– Distribution audits


– New product distribution audit


– Mystery shopper


– Promotional display audits


– Price surveys


– Legislative adherence audits


– Operational functionality audit


– Call file construction survey


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