A New Brand Marks an Historic New Era for PRL

Launching a new brand onto the market is a rare if not unique event in the history of most companies and it is always a momentous occasion for staff and customers alike. The reasons for ‘rebranding’ are typically to deliver competitive advantage, to reflect that a new position is being taken in the marketplace or to communicate more clearly and effectively what the company is about, or is to become, in the future. For PRL, the new brand is set to achieve all of these commercial priorities. It will do this by unifying the strengths, expertise and competences of our newly acquired businesses and teams. Today, our people have unrivalled experience of adding customer value to Irish, UK and international clients through the provision of logistic solutions, in-market solutions and integrated services.

Combining the unique capability and collective success of our new portfolio of businesses, which brings us many complementary skills, services and experience, naturally raised some fundamental brand questions: what will we, as a new unified company, stand for?; what will be our future promise to the market?; and what form and design will our future brand identity take?

These questions reflect the exciting change that is afoot at PRL as we launch our new brand and set out together to communicate a new brand promise to the marketplace – as expressed within our new and confident brand tagline “Experience Brand Success”. But most importantly, before we step out to promote the brand in the marketplace, we want to launch our new brand internally to our own people company-wide, across all the areas of our business.

So, represented by a fresh new PRL visual identity – in magenta, green and blue – we have created a whole new set of branded materials and applications… from our suite of corporate stationery to our vehicle livery to our new website and video, to mention some. These newly-branded applications are key platforms for our confident new message and strong market promise, and by delivering on our core values of “sustainable integrated leadership”, PRL promises to champion our client brands to market and, in doing so, to add value and sustainability to their business strength.

So, as a company, working together, the new brand commits us all to champion our clients’ brands and, as employees and dedicated internal teams, we are encouraged to become personal ambassadors for the new PRL brand in our individual places of work as we carry out our roles and responsibilities, be we office or field-based in local, national or international markets. This is indeed the beginning of an historic new era at PRL!