Feeding Ireland’s Future

(Pre-employment skills for young people)

March 4th & 5th 2014

PRL Group was delighted to take part in Feeding Ireland’s Future skills for work week. Feeding Ireland’s Future is an initiative whereby member companies of ECR Ireland give free pre-employment training to young unemployed people in Ireland. The initiative was conducted in association with The Dept. of Social Protection through its Intreo services who partnered the initiative and sourced participants for each event. The idea behind Feeding Ireland’s Future was simple – Give young unemployed people a helping hand in their quest for a job.

 PRL Group held a 2 day event in Kilkenny and Dublin. Events held included:

  • Intro Session – Introduction to PRL Group
  • An introduction to Retail Sales Solutions
  • An introduction to Warehousing Distribution
  • Quality Overview/Standards
  • CV Workshop – Advice from HR Manager
  • Interview Skills – Advice from HR Manager
  • General Discussion – give advice to participants