Message from the Shareholders

Message from the Shareholders

Over our eighty year history, PRL has evolved into a leading outsource specialist in the provision of integrated supply chain solutions partnering national and international brands in penetrating a range of market sectors.

The shareholders and architects of the PRL brand, continue to achieve substantial growth largely as a result of the philosophical alignment between them around the imperative of being authentic and hands on with PRL’s customers. PRL has earned and strives to retain and strengthen its reputation as the most trustworthy, responsible, proficient, innovative, agile and smart generator of sustainable, cos- effective and value-adding solutions for its customers.

PRL’s executive management team strive to provide sustainable, integrated leadership culminating in continuous brand success for its customers through:
  • Authenticity and excellent performance which defines and differentiates PRL as the most effective outsourcing partner with proven track record in championing customer brands to market, thereby adding value and sustainability to our customers’ business strength
  • Forward, customer-focused thinking to continuously expand our services’ content
  • The recruitment and retention of personnel with superb capabilities in Intelligent Logistics, In-Market Solutions and Integrated Services, connecting customer brands to consumers through a continuous brand experience
  • Continually developing sustainable solutions and a strong technology platform for our customers so that we can work with them to solve their issues and tailor bespoke solutions to their needs
  • Continually driving a transformation agenda to create a high-performance culture
  • Strategic acquisition of complementary businesses combined with sustained investment in facilities and technology
Our future priotity and focus is:
  • To continue to lead PRL to deliver on its innovation potential, stay relevant and essential in the marketplace and accelerate growth for PRL and its customers
  • To develop ever stronger commercial insights as the root of successful strategy and as the key to knowing our next competitive move, and to move forward with confidence
  • To continue to develop national and international opportunities

We are delighted and privileged to champion brands and build business success for our growing portfolio of clients.

I thank you for your custom and I look forward to discussing how we can develop even stronger, more innovative solutions and business opportunities.

With best wishes,
– Jack O’Riordan
Chief Executive Officer PRL